Dairygold and ROTHCO Continue Make a Minute for the Good Stuff Campaign with ‘One Magical Minute’

In an extension of Dairygold’s ‘Make a Minute for the Good Stuff’ campaign, creative agency, ROTHCO, have released a touching 40-second TVC ‘One Magical Minute’, which seeks to show the Irish public the value and impact of giving someone a spare minute of your time.

Since launch, Dairygold has engaged consumers by connecting them with opportunities to put precious spare minutes to use by making time for the moments that matter most.

In their 2016, ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ campaign, Dairygold centred their work around volunteering, enabling consumers to find minutes for The Good Stuff. They learned that volunteers that ‘do good’ received a far greater benefit than just spending time doing charity work – it actually improved their health and wellbeing.

In 2018, they introduced micro-volunteering with their ‘Make a Minute for the Good Stuff’ campaign, giving the Irish public the opportunity to give their minute to do good, as well as feel good.

This year, Dairygold attempts to deliver greater meaning with ‘One Magical Minute’. Directed by 03:07’s Kim Geldenhuys, the 40-second TVC depicts a touching family scene. A father uses a spare moment to show his daughter how to draw unicorns. And it turns out she spends her free time making them even better – much to the surprise of her proud dad. 

‘One Magical Minute’ will run on TV, social, and digital channels from Monday 18th February.

Source: ROTHCO

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