Diesel Presents… The Condo T-Shirts–The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever!

Buy the T-Shirt “F1-L6” for $1.599.000 and get an apartment for free!

As announced in November 2018, for the first time ever DIESEL, together with the real estate group Bel-Invest, has entered the world of real estate with the first residential DIESEL building, located in Miami, Florida.

And what was the workaround to keep clothes front-and-center in the project, starting from the launch? An unconventional campaign called “The Condo T-shirts–The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever”: 143 unique tops that cost the approximate of a new dwelling, each t-shirt featuring a front-facing printed graphic of one of 143 apartments at DIESEL’s Wynwood condo development.

With near certainty, the company claims that these are “the most expensive t-shirts in the world.” T-shirt “D6-L7”, for example, clocks in at a tab of $1.049.000. T-shirt “F2-L7” has a price tag of $5.500.000. But if you buy one, you get a new home—in DIESEL’s brand new Wynwood condominium for free.

US start-up SMALL present “The Condo T-shirts–The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever” for Diesel. The good news, though, is that if you buy one of those t-shirts, you get a Diesel Wynwood apartment FOR FREE.  

Not exactly the industry Diesel is associated with! So, SMALL starting with what DIESEL is world-renowned: clothing. They created a collection of 143 one-of-a-kind t-shirts: the Condo T-shirts. In each one, the floor plan of one of the 143 apartments was printed with very unaffordable prices. Actually, they can almost certainly claim that those are “the most expensive t-shirts ever.” T-shirt “F1-L6”, for example, costs $1,599,000. While t-shirt “F2-L7” costs $5,5000,000. And yes, if you buy one of those t-shirts, you get a Diesel Wynwood apartment FOR FREE. 

Founders Luca Lorenzini and Luca Pannese said: “It’s always a pleasure to work with brave clients. And Diesel is one of the bravest. Together with them, we wanted to create a real estate campaign that was different from all the other real estate campaigns that are around. And this is how “the condo t-shirts” was born. With this campaign, Diesel, once again, decides to challenge conformity to create something totally unexpected. We’re extremely excited and grateful to have been part of this project.” 

The campaign, created by the creative agency SMALL and directed and photographed by Hernan Corera, will be launched on December 3rd in Miami and features a typical high-end (and at the same time high-street) fashion campaign approach, with DIESEL’s unmistakably ironic touch.

Source: Diesel

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