DotLabel help design and develop a bespoke intranet solution for Leigh Day

Digital marketing agency DotLabel have helped a leading law firm plan, design and develop their new ‘Hub’ intranet.

Leigh Day law firm commissioned the award-winning UX agency to revamp their existing internal communications platform. The firm’s main aim was to enable its over 400 employees across London, Manchester and Liverpool – to connect and network with each other on a functional and up-to-date intranet.

DotLabel created and applied a tailored UX design and implementation package to create an accessible digital product with impact, which would enable all members of the firm’s staff to use it effectively and frequently.

The result has been a much more modern-looking platform, with a clean design and improved searching facilitated by unique UX design and implementation.

Matt Oxley, Director and co-Founder of DotLabel commented: “There were many elements to consider in the design and building process of the new intranet; we held a workshop to determine the content, drew up a strategy on how this would be displayed and provided an interactive prototype to showcase exactly how the new platform would work. By working closely with all levels of Leigh Day staff, we were able to ensure the new intranet would meet their needs and expectations.”

“We worked with DotLabel to produce a new intranet for the firm, the Hub, which has been well received by staff. It is much more modern-looking, with a clean design and improved searching. The message board feature is popular and staff like the social media features that is uses. DotLabel ran a discovery workshop day with a focus group at the firm and the information they gleaned from this exercise meant that the initial designs and structure of the Hub remained largely unchanged as the project developed. DotLabel have been easy to work with and have responded well as any problems have arisen,” said Helen Dewar, Head of Information Services at Leigh Day.

Source: DotLabel 

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