Fiona Wylie, Founder and CEO, Brand Champions Comments on International Women’s Day

“Although International Women’s Day only happens once a year, it’s important that we continue to talk about gender equality all year round to address systemic bias and keep it top of the agenda. Championing and supporting women shouldn’t be a tick boxing exercise, we should do everything we can to embed true gender equality into the fabric of our society. This equality needs to happen in the home and the boardroom as well as across wider culture.

Fiona Wylie, The Brand Champions

As a female entrepreneur, I have risen through the ranks, to run a successful marketing and advertising consultancy and I have seen how brands are starting to address diversity and inclusion in their marketing campaigns, but also those who aren’t. 

Whilst this is of course welcome, we need to see more than just women of different backgrounds fronting glossy magazine adverts. Some of the world’s biggest brands and advertising agencies still have a lack of female voices at the decision-making table. Moving forward, my one hope this International Women’s Day is to see more women in senior management roles who are leading high profile ad campaigns and inspiring future generations of young women to enter the exciting advertising and marketing world, which I have always loved.”

BY Fiona Wylie, Founder and CEO, Brand Champions

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