hasan & partners Group to establish a design agency hasanX

Finland’s most successful marketing group, hasan & partners Group, will extend its business by establishing a new design agency that is focused on customer experiences as well as business and service design. Joakim Karske, who is the most experienced design expert in Finland, will take a leading role in hasanX.

hasanX will help companies cope with the digital transformation by creating a strong customer-oriented culture, new digital services and holistic customer experiences together with companies. The new agency will integrate a design approach as a crucial element in business development.

“The accelerating digital transformation will soon place all Finnish companies in direct competition with global and highly effective companies. The value chain of these companies is built from the customer towards sourcing, and they have huge resources available,” says Ami Hasan, Chairman of the Board at hasan & partners Group.

“Due to the digital transformation, most Finnish companies are forced to rethink their business, organisation and customer experiences. We can now offer this one-stop-shopping solution, which includes creative storytelling and brand from the outset,” says Hasan.

hasanX will be directly integrated into hasan & partners Group, while aiming to be at the forefront of its own sector.

“Memorable, identifiable and channel-independent customer experiences are the most significant competitive factors in the rapidly digitalising, 24/7 world of the future, in which brand and customer loyalty are continually changing,” says hasanX’s leader Joakim Karske.

“International super brands set the standard level for customer experiences, against which consumers compare the customer experiences of Finnish companies both in digital and physical touch-points. Everything needs to happen asap and around the clock. Mediocre or poor customer experiences will quickly make customers choose a competing brand,” says Karske.

Customer experience is the competitive factor of the future

“Customer experiences must be managed across the entire service ecosystem of the company at all points of contact, while understanding the ever-changing needs of customers. Linking customer data to customer experience creation and management plays a key role in the customer’s service path and customer experience optimisation. In this work, understanding the customer and strategic skills are more important than writing endless numbers of Post-it notes,” says Karske.

The most successful circular economy and platform economy business models have been created on the basis of customer needs, and they rely strongly on design-centred company cultures, in which the combined value of the brand, customer and business meet in an unique way. Holistic customer experiences are crucial factors of a strong brand.

“A growing number of companies are dismantling old marketing, sale, service, distribution and even product development silos and combining them into a new customer experience function. We respond to this by building our full-service customer experience expertise group. All of our operations are inspired by the customer insight and creativity, which means that we include creative storytelling in all new business or service design and implementation from the outset. We can design and launch new businesses and services for our customers quicker and more efficiently than anyone else,” says Eka Ruola CEO and ECD at hasan & partners Group.

Joakim Karske is the most experienced and multidisciplinary design expert in Finland. His core competence is in combining business and customer needs into an offering and customer experience that support brands. In his previous work, Karske was responsible for OP Group’s brands, design and customer experience. Before that, he worked for a long time in design and brand management positions at Nokia and Vertu as well as in the international automotive industry with, for example, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Smart, Maybach and Chrysler brands.

Source: Hasan & Partners

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