“If you can read this, you’re too close for COVID”: FutureBrand launch 2-metre rule campaign to help with anxiety and confusion as lockdowns ease

The not-for-profit initiative - #TooCloseforCovid - kicks off today with a range of T-shirts and pin-badges supporting social distancing rules as the UK government starts reviewing lockdown.

Global brand transformation company FutureBrand has today launched a new charitable campaign –  #TooCloseforCovid – to help reinforce key social distancing guidelines during the process of social re-integration. The timely launch follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday 10 May that lockdown restrictions will gradually start to ease and aims to support both individuals and businesses through some of the anxiety and confusion that has since arisen.

The not-for-profit initiative playfully educates and drives civic responsibility using the slogan “If you can read this, you’re too close for COVID” in a font size of 16 – the minimum for a distance of 2-metres – across a range of specially designed T-shirts and pin-badges. The aim is to encourage the public to stay engaged in social distancing and play their part in continuing to protect their community.

Jon Tipple, Chief Strategy Officer, FutureBrand commented, “Although we’re now deep into this crisis, we recognised that many people around the world still don’t fully understand social distancing measures and that there is a need to help bolster the safety messaging as global lockdowns ease. Combining the familiar traffic safety messaging – “if you can read this, you are too close” – with the universality of the T-shirt, these simple wearable pieces of communication remind people to take responsibility for other people’s health, as well as their own, at what is a time of great concern and worry for many.”

FutureBrand’s #TooCloseforCovid is a phased campaign beginning this week with a run of four different designs emblazoned across T-shirts and pin-badges promoted via its website and supported by #TooCloseforCovid on social channels. FutureBrand also hope that an open call to designers, curators, influencers and creatives from around the world will encourage people to take the idea, create their own versions and help towards saving lives.

Marie-Therese Cassidy, Executive Creative Director, FutureBrand London commented,“The entire FutureBrand family want to help encourage all of us to do our bit and take responsibility to see us through the ongoing crisis in the safest way possible. We hope this campaign will trigger others across the creative community to take the idea and run with it, creating and sharing their own #TooCloseforCovid responses so it can affect as much positive behaviour as possible.”

The T-shirts and pin-badges are available to buy here: https://toocloseforcovid.com

All profits raised from the purchase of the T-shirts and pin-badges will be donated to charities supporting health workers and those affected by COVID-19.

Source: Futurebrand

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