IKEA invites everyone to ‘feel at home’ for the LGBT+ community in new campaign

IKEA has marked this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (Sunday, May 17th) with the launch of a new campaign, #BeSomeonesHome – spreading a global message of acceptance and support for the LGBT+ community across 25 of the 30 markets in which the Ingka Group operates. 

For many LGBT+ people, discrimination is still part of daily life and a feeling of isolation can even extend to their own homes. As such, the feeling of ‘home’ is often not just a physical place, it’s a connection to the communities where they find acceptance.

With almost a third of the world’s population now at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the way of life and work has dramatically changed. During these uncertain times, home is more important than ever. For many people, their home has become their whole world – a place that provides shelter, a place where one can feel safe, and free to be themselves. But for many in the LGBT+ community, finding a place where they feel welcomed and at home is not always easy.

The campaign, created by We Are Social Milan, launches with a one-minute film drawing on language often used to describe the feeling of being ‘home’ as a metaphor to communicate this feeling of safety and security.

The film is now live on IKEA Social Media channels in several markets around the world. Supporting influencer activity will see people share their own personal experiences and the struggles they’ve faced.

With the #BeSomeonesHome campaign, IKEA Group wants to invite co-workers and customers to make the LGBT+ community feel at home and welcomed by embodying a shelter for all those who are discriminated against and struggle to find safety.

Source: We Are Social

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