JWT announces co-venture with Mutato, a new content & social engagement company

JWT Brazil Chairman Stefano Zunino announced today the launch of a new co-venture with branded content and social engagement company Mutato. This co-venture between the two agencies bolsters JWT’s digital portfolio alongside CASA and i-Cherry. According to Zunino, the idea of investing in a new business model had been discussed since last year, sparked by trust and admiration for the duo’s volume and quality of work.

Recently founded in October 2012, Mutato is run by Chief Executive Officer Eduardo Camargo and Chief Operating Officer Andre Passamani. Mutato marks a new generation of communications companies focused on being lean, agile and multidisciplinary. The hybrid agency combines social engagement, branded content, production and entertainment in helping clients to define cultural relevance for their brands.

“Since 2007, as co-founders of Colmeia, we have always been attentive and focused on the impact of digital media on the lives of people. Whether producing content in innovative formats or developing technological experiments, our projects have always spoken with the audience through social networks. Google and Coca-Cola, our two first steady clients, are two advertisers with very high levels of creative and delivery requirements, which automatically raises the bar on quality for the agency and has kept it high from day one,” explained Camargo.

“Our new company is post-digital, ready to undertake projects in any context, media or platform. Internet, mobile, games, music, events, installations, TV and film. At the same time, we are agile and bring together different specialties to ensure constant adaptation and evolution as a method,” explained Passamani.

Mutato, whose clients include Google and Coca-Cola, will remain an independent company from a creative and operational standpoint. The agency will benefit from JWT’s global network, and also offer their branding and innovative digital competence to support JWT across other markets. JWT’s majority stake in the company will offer a strong foundation for the company as they pursue bold and innovative approaches to brand challenges and consumer behavior.

Commenting on the co-venture, Zunino said, “We are looking to the future of communication and it starts here, with a company that is creating and delivering cultural relevance as well as social engagement for brands.”

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