McDonald’s wins FAB Brand of The Year 2013

The International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards are delighted to announce that McDonald’shas been named the 2013 Brand of The Year, bagging a phenomenal 13 nominations across the various categories.

This is the only Award that is publicized in advance and is based on the number of nominations that McDonald’s has achieved this year. The calculations include performance at both the Creative Awards and the Effectiveness Awards.

The rest of the nominees will only find out their outcome on the night of the Awards Ceremony.

Some of the nominated work includes: the ‘We all make the Games’ campaign, which was implemented during last year’s Olympic games in London; McDonald’s ‘Our Food. Your Questions’ campaign that focused on making the company more transparent; and the ‘Small Currency’ project from Indonesia, which tackled the problem of no small currency in the country.

“McDonald’s truly deserves this accolade for an outstanding year of Creative Excellence across several communication disciplines and markets. Their outstanding nominations are from the UK, Sweden, India, USA, Canada, Indonesia and range from TV Advertising, Integrated, Collateral and Sales Promotion to Packaging Design,” said FAB Awards President, N.Nayar.

The Award will be presented at The Hurlingham Club in London on Thursday, May 30, during the Awards Ceremony to honour Nominees and Winners of this year’s FAB Awards.

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