Motivator App. The motivation you need to cope with everyday life.

At a time marked by the national and international crisis and with people generally lacking motivation, society needs an extra dose of motivation.

That is what motivator is all about. An app designed to make your daily life more bearable.

Do you find it hard to get up on a Monday?

Do you feel like you’re carrying a few pounds too many? Have you had a few drinks and are about to call up your ex? Have you just failed to get it up?

Motivator provides you with rousing speeches accompanied by epic music on your iPhone that will help you to overcome situations when you feel discouraged and lacking in motivation.

You can download the App for the Store­‐motivation-­‐you/id547190212?mt=8
The idea is that in the future you will be able to configure new motivating packs on different themes: Sports, Business, Love, Manworld, Womanworld etc.

Motivator is a collaborative initiative by Tiempo B, the Tiempo BBDO Agency’s Innovation Space.

Motivator was originally launched inSpanish and within a few weeks it had shot to Number 1 on the App store top 10 with over 160,000 downloads.

View the Video here

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