Pearlfisher London creates the brand strategy and new brand identity for challenger beer brand, Jubel

The brand entered the market with a unique beer style that between light lagers and sweet ciders.

Recognising that the brand lacked competitive distinction and wanting to carve out a new area on shelf, Tom and Jesse approached Pearlfisher to help establish a new strategic brand and creative positioning.

Explaining the challenge and the strategic approach. Pearlfisher Strategist, Molly Rowan Hamilton, said, “This project was very much a collaboration with Tom and Jesse every step of the way. Our challenge was finding a way to expand the brand, and broaden its relevance and appeal, from a niche following to a more universal and iconic proposition.

It was important to offer a more emotive brand experience that taps into the lifestyle and behaviour of contemporary consumer thinking. Our focus was creating a platform that would create the right

Talking about how the strategic approach translates into the new brand identity and design, Pearlfisher Senior Designer Harriet Beesley continued, “There were two specific aims with our design thinking and approach. We needed to convey the idea of living off piste but also simply and effectively communicate the core message and product offer of ‘beer done differently’.

The central idea is about breaking through the mundane. The bold cut through the design symbolises the flavour cutting through the beer, highlighting the products’ point of difference. The ‘cut’ device also slices through the J of the logo mark to signify the dual aspect of the brand; with two founders, the joining of beer and flavour and two sides that are at once both refreshing and fun.

Jesse Wilson, Co-Founder of Jubel, said, “The craft beer market has become very crowded and on a functional level, our beer cuts through the category as it’s unlike any other beer style. We feel the brand now matches up to the uniqueness of the product and our brand identity cuts through the category noise both literally and metaphorically.”

Both the Alpine and Urban Jubel beers will be available online on Amazon from May 2018. With distribution exclusively focused on the South West until now, Jubel will also start to be distributed in the on-trade in London from May 2018.


Founding Partner & CEO: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
Founding Partner & Creative Director: Karen Welman, Pearlfisher Strategist: Molly Rowan-Hamilton, Pearlfisher
Head of Words: Jennifer Kruegel-Hanna, Pearlfisher
Senior Designer: Harriet Beesley, Pearlfisher
Head of Realisation: Jen Nathan, Pearlfisher
Client Executive: Tom Barker, Pearlfisher

Source: Pearlfisher

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