Philips and Wunderman BA reuse mothers’ energy as a tribute on their day

Mother’s Day in Argentina is at the end of October. This campaign has recognised through technology, all the effort moms put in their daily lives. Philips and Wunderman BA reuse mothers’ energy as a tribute on their day.  

Until today, we knew about electric, wind and thermic energy, to name a few. It´s time to add a new type of energy to the list. It’s been well known for a long time, but it had never been measured before. Mothers are multitasking, doing countless things in a single day. They take care of the house, their kids, work, training, hobbies and much more. All that energy that comes from love, we managed to measure, store and more importantly to reuse it. 

The creative team of the agency explained: “We put together a big group of mothers with active and intense lifestyles. We gave each one a device to generate and store energy, shaped in shoe insoles. Every time they walked, ran, or did any of their daily activities, that kinetic energy went directly to batteries. After a long period of time, we took all the mothers’ energy for powering a neonatal unit, so as to welcome new mothers.”


Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires

Client: Philips

Campaign: Mother’s Day

Chief Creative Officers: Patán Tarazaga / Dany Minaker

Creative Directors: Pablo Maldonado / Ezequiel Orlandi

Copywriters: Pablo Maldonado / Gastón Durán

Art Directors: Ezequiel Orlandi / Matías Paglieri

Head of Innovation: Vasco Gorosterrazu

Head of Technology: Francisco Facal

Web Developers: Pablo Mendoza / Javier Correa

3D Designer: Pablo Aranguren

Production Manager: Laura Martínez

Accounts Group Director: Mercedes Cores

Accounts Supervisor: María José Cruces

Accounts Executive: Mariana Lares

Head of PR: Daniela Tucci

Production Company: Pantera & Co.

Director: Axel Byrfors

Executive Producer: Manuel Aguer

Producer: Malena Kremenchuzky

Post-production: Barraca Post

Color Correction: Alejandro Armaleo

Editor: Manuel Salomón

Soundmix: G Factory

Band: Salmón Osado

Client Representatives: Pablo Norese / Mariana López / Romina Brignone / Clara Vega Olmos / Diego Stefanoni

Source: Wunderman Buenos Aires

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