Samsung unveils power of AI to ‘Upscale Every Moment’ with Neo QLED 8K

Latest ad follows up from last year’s ‘More Wow Than Ever’ campaign

To mark the launch of the new AI TV era with the 2024 Neo QLED 8K, Samsung worked with BBH Singapore to bring its capabilities to life through the story of a couple whose everyday viewing is transformed into epic audiovisual experiences.

This latest campaign demonstrates the seamless integration of immersive experiences. Whether it is the thrill of live sports, the magic of cinematic masterpieces, or the engagement of interactive fitness, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K with 8K AI Upscaling Pro ensures every moment is not just watched, but truly lived.

The film transports viewers from the comfort of their sofa straight into the electrifying atmosphere of a football stadium, the exhilarating trails of desert mountain biking, and the intense moments of action-packed drama. Each scene, rendered with breathtaking clarity by the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV, highlights its remarkable capacity to elevate content from mere visuals to spellbinding front row experiences. This vivid storytelling showcases the TV’s ability to upscale viewers’ passions into unparalleled spectacles of ‘Wow’, in an immersive viewing adventure.

Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer of BBH Singapore, comments, “In this follow-up to the ‘More Wow than Ever’ campaign, we’re bringing stories to life and placing viewers at the centre of the action. By removing the boundary between the viewer and the spectacle, we’re encouraging our audience to ‘Upscale Every Moment’ by immersing them in a world where they become participants, not just observers.”

MS Song, Head of Marketing, Visual Display, Samsung Electronics, comments, “At Samsung, we believe in innovation that enhances not just the picture quality but the emotional journey of our viewers. The Neo QLED 8K with its AI Upscaling technology is a testament to this belief. It’s not just about viewing content; it’s about a multisensory experience. This technology is the next step in making as much emotional impact as possible with our products, and continuing to lead the market in innovation.”

As BBH Singapore and Samsung stride forward with this innovative launch, they invite audiences worldwide to redefine their home entertainment experiences. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV with AI Upscaling is not just an advancement in technology; it is the dawn of a new era in emotional and immersive viewing.

Credit list:

  • Client: Samsung Electronics
  • Agency: BBH Singapore
  • Agency Creative Director: Sascha Kuntze, Charlene Chua, Heidi Kasselman, Gaston Soto
  • Agency Creatives: Jereek Espiritu, Pam Ho, Jia Min Tan, Natalie Tan
  • Agency Business Leadership: David Anson, Jasmine Portman, Seraphyn See
  • Agency Strategy: Chris Chalk, Felicia Ong
  • Agency Producer: Vanessa Thomas
  • Production Agency: Immigrant
  • Director: Torben Kjelstrup
  • Director of Photography: Filip Marek
  • Executive Producer: Phie Hansen
  • Service Production: Radioactive x Shelter, Tbilisi Georgia
  • Executive Producer: Gennady Shevchenko
  • Line Producer: Yulia Foster
  • Art Director: Slow Pulse, Tbilisi Georgia
  • Colourist: Hannibal Lang
  • Editor: Peter Brandt
  • Post Production: Globetrotter Studio
  • VFX Supervisor: Andre Pulcino

Source: BBH Singapore

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