Schneider Electric brings bold ideas to life with launch of integrated marketing campaign

Schneider Electric, a leading digital transformer of energy management and automation, launched its first major integrated, multi-platform marketing campaign to highlight its continued leadership in digital transformation powering the digital economy.

The campaign brings together world-class content partnerships with the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and the Economist with sponsored programming from CNBC including thought leadership and content marketing outreach. The digital centric campaign includes activation through social media, viral marketing and owned media properties.

A central focus of the campaign is Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit World Tour which invites customers and partners to experience EcoStruxure solutions including EcoStruxure World Premieres to unveil new launches globally.

The world of tomorrow will be shaped by the three of the biggest undeniable megatrends: Urbanisation, Digitisation and Industrialisation leading to increased energy demand. Schneider Electric views this as an exciting opportunity of our generation to solve this energy paradox: balancing our planet’s carbon footprint with the irrefutable human right to quality energy.

Many said this is a bold vision. Schneider Electric constantly challenges itself to rethink the future, re-write the rules of the game and to re-access the possibilities. A bold vision calls for bold ideas. Ideas that are tangible and applicable right now and deliver measurable results. Schneider Electric is bringing these to life, by making businesses safer, more reliable, connected, efficient and sustainable through digital transformation.

The campaign was conceived by the Schneider Electric Global Marketing team led by Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Leong, who was named one of the 2017 world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes in 2017.

“We see the most important role we can play as enabling companies to address the energy paradox through both demand side efficiency and automation. To do that we need to be open to bold ideas and bold ways of working. We already work with customers who exemplify that attitude – whether it’s Deloitte’s net-positive building ambition or with ArcelorMittal to deliver efficient steel production that never stops, even during downtimes of maintenance. With customers like these, and our incredible portfolio of partners, we know that we’re leveraging the potential of IoT and the digital transformation to full effect,” said Chris. “This campaign takes that a stage further, embedding the bold ideas spirit into every part of Schneider Electric.”

The campaign also seeks to prompt bold ideas and thinking from thought leaders, partners and customers worldwide. During 2018 Schneider Electric will be launching a specific initiative targeting developers and helping them realise their bold ideas to address the energy paradox. This builds on existing campaigns such as the Schneider Electric Go Green in the City competition.

The campaign also features co-marketing with stories of how Schneider Electric collaborates with its ecosystem. Together with Accenture and Microsoft and its digital alliance partners, Schneider Electric co-innovates to design new IoT-enabled digital offers and services to make bold ideas a reality.

A core component of the campaign is a focus on deep thought leadership content. Over the next year, Schneider Electric will be publishing a suite of content pieces from deep dive white papers to social media activations based around eight themes promoting Schneider Electric’s deep and broad expertise across industry, building, homes, IT and sustainability.

Additionally, throughout the campaign, Schneider Electric will share and inspire through a number of real-life customer stories that demonstrate bold ideas and tangible results. This will be complemented by a series of 30-second television commercials featuring authentic customer voices such as Nemours Children’s Hospital which serves as the guardians of the next generation with reliable power for critical applications demonstrating Schneider Electric’s brand vision of ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

Schneider Electric invites you to join the conversation around the digital transformation in energy management and automation with #WhatsYourBoldIdea.

Source: Schneider Electric

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