Shop Direct is reinvented as The Very Group with a new brand identity and employee value proposition

Shop Direct has rebranded to The Very Group with a new corporate identity and employee value proposition (EVP) that reflect the next phase of the business’ ongoing transformation.

The new identity, which was created by St. Luke’s working closely with The Very Group’s in-house creative team, will roll out from 13 January 2020, together with a new EVP developed by People-Made working with The Very Group’s People team.

The pink cube, originally devised by St. Luke’s, has become synonymous with the brand and is instantly recognisable by consumers.  To benefit from this widespread awareness, the corporate brand has been brought closer to the consumer brand using the same brand codes, such as the cube.

St. Luke’s created the new logo, as well as a brand identity, colours and typography. In addition, the agency worked with The Very Group to help define the brand’s character, guidelines and tone of voice.

People-Made, the brand culture agency, focused on defining The Very Group’s target culture and people promise to help attract and inspire the company’s candidates and existing colleagues. The core proposition, ‘Join the Reinvention. Rewrite Retail’, credits the constant reinvention of The Very Group as a retailer, which has succeeded in making the move from catalogues to bricks to clicks to mobile.

The move comes in the same year that celebrates its 10th anniversary. Designed to be an online retailer with a bright, upbeat and distinctive image, now has revenue of £1.5bn.

Source: St. Luke’s

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