Simon Le Bon and Nick Wood Collaborate with Cannes Lions Audience to Create “Closer to Your Bed”

Syn Music announced the release of “Closer to Your Bed,” a song developed by Simon Le Bon and Nick Wood for their seminar at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. During the seminar, which centered around creative collaboration and took place on Saturday 17th June, Le Bon and Wood invited the audience to record themselves performing finger snaps and singing the main chorus of the song on their phones. The recordings were sent to Syn Music, who manipulated them into the final mix of the song.

“The seminar was all about the power of creative collaboration to go beyond the ordinary,” said Duran Duran front man and co-founder of Syn Music, Simon Le Bon. “Rather than just talking about our own creative collaborations, we decided to ask the audience to experience it firsthand. Seeing the entire audience stand up and sing the chorus was incredible – and, surprisingly, they sounded great. I always wanted to turn advertising creatives into rockstars, and we did.”

Added Nick Wood, co-founder and CEO of Syn Music, “Simon and I came up with the idea of demonstrating how we collaborate by producing a song especially for the seminar. We videoed the session of us developing the song, talking about the structure and lyrics, and recording Simon’s vocals at his house in London. It was here that we had the idea of asking the audience to participate. After the seminar, Syn Music’s production teams in Tokyo and LA incorporated the audience into the track. We’re so happy with the final result. It’s the perfect example of creative collaboration, and the first time a Cannes Lions audience has been included into an original song.”

Source: Syn Music

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