Skoda Hosts Russia’s First ‘Car Hostel’

Skoda Fabia, a car advertised for the most spacious cabin in its category, was transformed into a real hostel: with a comfortable double bed, pillows, free wi-fi, and everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Yes, it had a bathroom next to the car just in case. The hostel was placed at Izmaiolovo Park, one of the most pleasant parks in the city in order to provide a great view for the guests.

The project was created by the advertising agency Proximity Russia (BBDO Russia Group), in a partnership with the acommodation website every time someone was searching for a place to stay in Moscow, surprisingly, the Skoda Hostel appeared in the results, and users could book it online and spend one night there. The only payments accepted were likes, tweets and shares.

Guests could also take the car for a ride around the city; so each booking became a full-scale test drive. The hostel was fully booked, and had great feedback from its guests.

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