TabMo’s new In-Store Impact tracks incremental store visits in real-time

Real-time footfall uplift data tied directly to advertising activity informs marketing spend to maximise influence on customer behaviour Self-serve model increases transparency and control for advertisers

Mobile-first advertising company TabMo has launched In-Store Impact, the latest version of its advanced footfall tracking technology, to help brands and retailers influence and track store visits and optimise marketing spend.

It is the first solution of its kind to be available on a self-serve basis for clients that want to manage their own campaigns.In-Store Impact builds on TabMo’s in-depth experience in this space.

In 2018 it launched the sector’s first drive-to-store offering, Branding to Store, which is now used by a number of major brands and retailers and has won numerous industry awards.The enhanced solution provides real-time data on the increase in physical store visits generated by the advertising activity activated via TabMo’s Hawk platform for integrated cross-channel ad campaigns.

Additional insight includes the average distance that shoppers travel to a retail outlet, as well as their exposure to mobile, audio and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising channels. This enables real-time optimisation and provides quantifiable results so that advertisers can determine the budget split and targeting required to attract each new customer into store, as well as how to tailor messages and cross-channel strategies to be more effective.  Direct access to the platform puts agencies and advertisers in control of their campaigns, which they can reinforce with the expertise of TabMo’s in-house trading, client services and creative teams.

The move comes as retailers, starting to reopen physical stores in many regions following the coronavirus crisis, look to adapt to the change in consumer shopping habits resulting from several months of lockdown. The real-time business and media insights available via In-Store Impact will ensure current and longterm budget allocation and strategies are as efficient and effective as possible.

TabMo’s demand side platform (DSP), Hawk, enables advertisers to reach customers across mobile, audio, DOOH and connected TV. It is the first Device ID centric platform that enables mobile first data to be overlaid across multiple channels, ensuring greater targeting accuracy and supporting cross channel retargeting, frequency capping and footfall tracking.

Renaud Biet, co-founder at TabMo, says: “As retailers across the world enter uncharted territory following the global pandemic, it’s more essential than ever that they have immediate access to data that indicates the success of a campaign.  Armed with this insight, they can make informed decisions about the advertising activity that is most effective, both to restart their business and to validate advertising spend.”

Source: TabMo

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