Tech Entrepreneur Urges Businesses to Prepare for Post-COVID World

One of the UK’s leading young tech entrepreneurs is speaking out to warn organisations operating across multiple sectors that the post-COVID business world may look quite different than it did before. James Henry Blake, Founder and CEO of digital performance agency Vindicta Digital, has witnessed firsthand the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on businesses, and believes that shifting operations online and embracing the digital revolution can help organisations not only survive but also thrive in the new landscape.

Recognised as one of the country’s top digital agencies, Vindicta Digital specialises in all aspects of SEO, web design, video creation, Google ads, and social media marketing. Through his work with Vindicta Digital’s growing client base, Blake has gained unique insight into how his digital clients are faring against organisations that are clinging to physical operations. He notes a significant, notable, and widening gap between those embracing new ways of working, and those attempting to maintain a more traditional approach.

Vindicta Digital Founder and CEO James Henry Blake said, “The biggest problem that I’m seeing right now when I speak to business owners is that there’s this widespread assumption that the post-COVID business world will look exactly as it did prior to the pandemic, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The pandemic has made every single one of us more aware of risk and this awareness isn’t something that will instantly disappear the moment the R-rate drops, so businesses must be prepared for the fact that, even once restrictions are lifted and physical operations can restart, many consumers will still prefer to engage and interact online where possible.

“Quite simply, those businesses that don’t adapt will struggle, and may even fail, and that’s not something we want to see happen, nor is it something that we need to see happen. We’re about to enter into a total revolution of how business is done, and by adapting to this new landscape and embracing change, organisations can work to secure their future.”

Blake’s advice for businesses comes at a time when many organisations are struggling to maintain performance levels using their traditional, long standing, tried-and-tested strategies. Many older processes clearly are not translating well to the pandemic landscape and anticipated post-COVID future. The pandemic is understood to be sparking a long term change in consumer behaviour, which suggests that riding out the storm and continuing as normal in the future will see businesses failing to meet the needs of their post-pandemic audience. Organisations must be ready and willing to change their established ways of working to succeed and dominate.

Blake is living proof that businesses taking the most suitable approaches at this time can see success, having launched electric scooter start-up E Pro Glide during the height of the global pandemic, and bringing in 6-figures with it within its first month even during the economic downturn. Additionally, Blake’s digital agency Vindicta Digital more than doubled the online revenue generated for its clients through digital projects between 2020 – 2021 to an impressive £48 million.

Right now, Blake is focusing heavily on further growing and developing the Vindicta Digital ecosystem to ensure the agency has the tools and resources it needs to support businesses through this hectic yet vital period of change. Recent developments by the company have already been recognised by major initiatives across the world, with Vindicta Digital becoming a TOPSEO ‘Top 100 SEO company’, and James Henry Blake himself becoming one of the youngest business experts invited into the exclusive Forbes Agency Council. 

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Source: Vindicta Digital

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