Twin Fin Rum launches with strikingly stand-out Design by Buddy Creative

Proudly born in the Caribbean and Creatively spiced on the wild Cornish Coast Southwestern Distillery’s Twin Fin is a premium craft rum inspired by the contemporary beach culture of Cornwall.

Named after the classic nimble twin fin surfboard we created a visual identity that referenced 70s Caribbean surf graphics styling with a fluid ‘fast and loose’ logotype and an Atlantic Grey Seal as the brands icon – a visual metaphor for the brand – connecting the Caribbean to the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall (the Grey Seal is often cited on both sides of the ocean).

Buddy developed a short, wide bottle structure, finished in a matt blue with the brand graphics screen printed in white. Transparency of the product story was a key aspect for the brand and is highlighted through the words ‘Coast to Coast’ and ‘Caribbean to Cornwall’  blind embossed above and below the screen printed graphics.

The result is something that would strikingly stand-out from the plethora of brown rum bottles on shelf but feel equally at home on the shelf at the Blue Bar in Porthtowan or Lilly’s Beach Bar on Barbados.


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