UK Digital Advertising Growth Spurt Reported by MOT Models

The leading commercial model agency, MOT Models, confirms that the UK digital advertising market is in exceptionally strong health.

An analysis of all of the model bookings invoiced in the first quarter of 2013 shows that digital usage of model imagery now accounts for 59 per cent of all of the agency’s bookings. Digital usage includes website, mobile, video and social media usage.

This is in contrast to bookings in the first quarter of 2010, where just 10 per cent included digital rights.

In fact, 29 per cent of all MOT Models’ bookings for quarter one 2013 were for digital campaigns alone.

These findings are in alignment with the 2012 PwC report commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK that shows that digital advertising in the UK was worth £5.4 billion, up 12.5 per cent on a like for like year on year basis.

MOT Models agency boss Mike Illes said, “One of the drivers for growth is the massive investment in mobile phone and tablet-friendly transactional websites made by forward thinking fashion and lifestyle brands.”

“The massive Search Engine Optimisation provided by You Tube is also a driver, with cleverly designed You Tube channels and meaningful content driving all essential sales. Google loves video, which partly explains the great success of the Lynx Astronaut campaign, in which our models appear.

“What excites me is that digital media by its nature is engaging, adaptable and in constant need of variety. Our actors from MOT Real have never been busier. The recent involvement of our model Nick Hooper in the Audrey Hepburn Galaxy chocolate ad is one of the best showcases for superlative integrated digital marketing.

“Digital rights usage is no longer an ad-on, it is an essential driver in the highly innovative advertising industry.”

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