Unilever appoints Havas EHS to develop global consumer data strategy

Unilever has announced the appointment of Havas EHS to lead the development of a global consumer data strategy and roadmap that will enable its brands to harness the power of consumer data, including social graph data, to improve their ability to engage with the right audience at the right time.

Babs Rangaiah, Unilever VP Global Media Innovation, explains, “Data has always been important for marketing purposes, but collecting and harnessing consumer data has taken on greater urgency because the sheer amount of data that is passed through the internet is growing exponentially by the day.”

“We still firmly believe that our brands need a balance of Magic and Logic – this will make sure that our best creative efforts reach our consumers in an efficient and effective way,” adds Rangaiah.

Tash Whitmey, CEO of Havas EHS says “Unilever are setting out to completely change how they use data and social media data on all of their brands and we are delighted to be the agency they’ve chosen to lead this project. It is completely in line with our agency strategy of enabling brands to bring together data, technology and creative and deliver it to customers via a genuinely helpful and inspiring experience.”

Appointments for data capture and analysis at a local level will remain as they currently are.

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