An ad by a private citizen to encourage people to take the AZ vaccine running in the media

A member of the advertising industry has created an ad in a private capacity and paid several thousands of pounds for it to appear in the media from today to both thank Astra Zeneca for producing its Covid-19 vaccine at cost and to encourage everyone who is offered it to take it.

London Advertising

The author, Michael Moszynski said “Like many I have been following the media coverage and attitudes to the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Europe with an open-jaw e.g. 61% of people in France now think it is unsafe (YouGov 23 March)

The fact certain Leaders questioned its efficacy without a shred of evidence and embarked on a stop-start, Okey-Kokey, roll-out has been a gift to the anti-vaxxers.  This was brought home to me when someone I know who is a very senior executive in a large global company was going to refuse the AZ jab on the basis “it was not safe”. Fortunately, I was able to persuade them that they were more likely to die of a blood clot without the vaccine and many more times likely to die of Covid as well as potentially give it to others – so they agreed to have one.

I looked into the numbers and was staggered to discover that 114 million AZ jabs have already been given in over 90 countries and asked myself how could I persuade more people to agree to take it – and as I am an ad man – I decided to write an ad and buy a home page takeover on City Am on April 1st, but this is no April Fool as this is literally a deadly serious matter.

If my efforts get a just a few more vaccine-hesitant people to agree to take the AZ or any vaccine, it will be worth the investment I have made in buying the media.

Source: London Advertising

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