Barrett Hofherr Kicks Off The Habit Burger Grill Campaign with Ads Featuring Heroic Charlie the Briquette

Full-service creative agency Barrett Hofherr has created its first work as AOR for the Yum! Brand’s burger chain The Habit Burger Grill, a beloved California-born fast-casual brand known for its chargrilled burgers.

The challenge presented to Barrett Hofherr by The Habit Burger Grill is clear: there exist two distinct groups in the world – those who already love the brand and those who have yet to discover it. The objective is to increase brand fame on a large scale, while also effectively communicating what sets The Habit apart as a leader in the “better burger” category. And what makes The Habit’s burger better? It’s char, of course.

The Habit’s iconic Charburger is meticulously prepared by cooking it to order over briquettes on an open flame. This method locks in juices and infuses a distinctive smoky flavor, making it the preferred choice for burger fans.

The campaign, which breaks March 27, will reveal a new tagline (“Better By Char”), a new mascot (Charlie), and a new and memorable direction for The Habit.

The creative will run throughout the year. Video and static ads on the West Coast will target consumers on CTV (Disney and NBCU/Peacock), social media (Tiktok, Meta/Instagram), and cinemas. Executions include a 45-second ad with a 30 and 15-second edit and four :06s. The static ads will run on social.

“Chargrilling takes more effort, but it’s also what makes a Charburger so delicious,” says Todd Eisner, Executive Creative Director for Barrett Hofherr. “So, what better way to celebrate that than by showing a briquette make the ultimate sacrifice to make the ultimate burger?”

An animated anthropomorphic briquette shows up at The Habit and all eyes are upon him in the 30-second spot. As stirring music plays, heads turn and eyes stare in awe of the little guy, who marches toward the grill to fulfill his destiny. When he takes the plunge, he is instantly consumed by flames, and when the camera pans back down a burger patty has taken his place.  “At The Habit, we go to great lengths to make really great burgers,” a voiceover explains.

“With this campaign, we are eager to show the world why our Charburgers taste better,” says Ken Chan, Head of Digital & Storytelling at The Habit Burger Grill. “Charlie may be an adorable, animated briquette, but he embodies the passion and commitment to quality that is at the heart of everything we do.”

Barrett Hofherr won The Habit account through a pitch in October 2023.

Source: Barrett Hofherr

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