Bulletproof rediscovers Old Gold’s sweet spot and revitalises the iconic Aussie chocolate brand

Mondelez International partner with independent strategic brand design agency Bulletproof to revitalise the Cadbury Old Gold brand identity to regain its iconic status. Bulletproof was appointed to the project in April 2019. 

Bulletproof were tasked with modernising Old Gold with a new brand identity in order to reconnect with its audience and gain relevance with younger generations. What was once an Aussie classic, was failing to stand out amongst the progressive dark chocolate category.

Bulletproof comments: The challenge we faced was centred around tapping into the younger generations, who we found are fast becoming dark chocolate enthusiasts and are used to the new, refined, and crafted world of dark chocolate. Despite still being well loved with the same great taste, we needed to make sure the Old Gold brand identity would stand out on shelf amongst the new brands that have emerged over the years. 

“We found our sweet spot in the positioning ‘Bold In Every Bite’, which celebrates the brand’s iconic chunk by placing it front and centre on pack and showing the abundance of ingredients in every piece. Shot-in house, we got up close and personal with each variant to find the perfect chunk.

“The new brand marque, hand drawn by our typographer, delivers clean, modern craft cues with a nod to the original brand personality. It’s the same Old Gold we all know and love, but bolder and brighter. We retained recognition and eased navigation by creating an architecture built from the brand’s ‘split’ design.

“Being Old Gold, it could never lose its gold, nor should it have to. Instead, we injected a new brightness to modernise and elevate. The variant colours were carefully selected to deliver a natural vibrancy that deliver strong standout in store. 

“Finally, we added a touch of craft with a stamp and label system for the flavour descriptions. The gold stamp dials up the craft and heritage, driving home the cocoa credibility.”

Focused on its five core flavours, Old Gold was launched in major supermarkets across Australia in February 2020, followed by an official launch of two new variants – Cherry Ripe and Caramel, both of which were well received and ignited many positive responses from old and new consumers. 

Paul Chatfield, Marketing Director for Cadbury said: “Aussies and Kiwis have been enjoying Cadbury for more than 100 years, so we recognise the value of an amazing heritage brand like Old Gold. During these challenging times, people are turning to familiar brands they trust, so it was important to modernise Old Gold in a way that was true to the core characteristics of the brand. 

“Bulletproof have partnered with us to carefully and successfully deliver a refreshed identity for Old Gold which recognises the importance of the brand in defining the taste of dark chocolate for so many Aussie and Kiwis, while enhancing its relevance to a new generation.” 

SourceBulletproof & FAB News

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