Butcher’s Pet Care in £25m relaunch under ‘Nourishing Food For Dogs’ proposition

Butcher’s Pet Care is kicking off their first brand campaign in five years as the brand re-positions itself as “the everyday choice in naturally nourishing food for dogs.” 

Developed by creative agency, LIFE, the TV campaign gives an intimate insight into the special bond that exists between owner and pet. The film captures beautiful everyday moments that will be instantly recognisable to owners across Britain. It makes ‘nourishment’ the focus of the story, not just nourishing food for dogs, but also through the unique relationships between dogs and their owners. 

The campaign aims to remind its long-standing loyalists of the great food Butcher’s makes and to appeal to a new generation of dog owners, following a £4m brand transformation programme.

The last 18 months have seen Butcher’s invest in product and portfolio improvements, re-branding and a re-design of packaging including the replacement of plastic on their canned offering in favour of 100% recyclable cardboard. This rejuvenation of the brand has been driven by Rachel Collinson, Director – Food for Dogs.

“This business is built on a long-standing belief that every dog should be able to enjoy natural, nourishing food – it’s the least we can do when they give us so much every single day. The LIFE team has really captured the nuances in these relationships; reflecting and celebrating modern attitudes towards our dogs right across the UK. The category is changing and we’re really proud of the work so far that puts us right at the forefront of it. There’s lots more to come throughout the rest of this year and into 2020 – we can’t wait to share it,” said Rachel Collinson, Director of Food for Dogs, Butcher’s.

Directed by Katie Bell, the ad was shot in both urban and rural locations throughout the UK and features real dog owners and their pets.

The TV campaign will launch around Britain’s Got Talent on 13 April and will run for 8 weeks with support from OOH, online, socially and instore later in the year. LIFE was appointed as lead strategic and creative agency for Butcher’s Pet Care in February this year.

Niki Cook, Marketing Director at LIFE, added: “Butcher’s passion and commitment to making naturally nourishing dog food accessible and affordable for dog owners across Britain, has been the driving force behind this campaign. They are on mission to provide dogs with the food they’d choose for themselves and, watching our four-legged ‘actors’ happily devouring bowls of Butcher’s between scenes, I feel confident that they are delivering on that ambition!”

Source: LIFE

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