Audi: The Start-Stop Battery App

Some Android users swear by task-killing apps, but most feel that the OS has matured to a point where you can let it manage itself without the need to meticulously close every open app on your phone. That hasn’t stopped German automaker Audi, of all companies, from releasing its own task-killer app called Audi Start-Stop. […]

iPad Magician Creates A Magical ‘Angry Birds’ Ad

Popular mobile game Angry Birds has received a “magical” update that includes some new gameplay mechanics involving magic portals. As part of this new release, Angry Birds makers Rovio have teamed up with Simon Pierro, better known as the ‘iPad Magician’, to create a ‘magic’ video. The video features some ingenuity from Pierro, who performs […]

Windows Phone News goes live

Windows Phone News goes live

Windows Phone News, the online magazine, is now live. Windows Phone News is the first magazine devoted to Windows mobile phones and the tablets, laptops and PCs that implement Microsoft Windows and its Metro user interface. Windows Phone News carries up-to-the-minute news, reviews and interviews on Windows mobile phones, apps and services, and the Windows […]

Second Screening Approach For Swedish Radio

It’s interesting to see a second screen approach for radio. Forsman & Bodenfors have created  an interactive radio player for computers, tablets and mobile to encourage sharing radio programmes via social media. It’s a very simple concept, well executed.  Think of it as sound cloud for radio, and built for sharing on facebook. The more content […]

Over Half of Smartphone & Tablet Users Shop Via Mobile Weekly

Over Half of Smartphone & Tablet Users Shop Via Mobile Weekly

Almost two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users access websites on a daily basis and over a half shop via their mobile device at least once a week, according to new research from e-commerce and digital marketing solutions provider EPiServer. However, the mobile e-commerce experience is falling short of expectations, with half of shoppers confirming they […]

The GuardianWitness: Citizen Journalists App

Guardian News & Media unveiled a new platform that will allow people from around the world to submit their content directly to Guardian journalists. GuardianWitness, in partnership with EE, will build on the Guardian’s groundbreaking model of open journalism to crowdsource content from around the globe by enabling users to share videos, pictures and text […]