Circus Family creates interactive light installation for New York Design Week

CircusFamily_WantedDesign_NYCxDESIGN_DayNight_2016_01Wanted Design and NYCxDESIGN invited Circus Family to create a custom-built interactive light installation for the official opening of NYCxDESIGN.

In the artistic community of Industry City, the Circus Family team built an interactive LED installation, called Day & Night, exclusively designed to fit the exhibition space.

During the day the pulsing light glow invited visitors to be part of the installation. A light experience in which the audience directed colours and audio by simply moving around inside the installation.

During the night the installation was connected to the audio of the DJ and reacted to the music being played via custom coded software.

CircusFamily_WantedDesign_NYCxDESIGN_DayNight_2016_02The installation consisted of 48 tubes, 3072 LED light pixels, 4 Kinect depth cameras, 24 vibration sensors, and 3 laptops running custom processing scripts that trigger the LED lights.

Circus Family is a family of audiovisual designers with a passion for bringing high-end 2d projects to life, using design, moving image, music and interactive technology. With their unique storytelling solutions for moving image and their mission to create content that – in this case, literally – moves people.

Odile Hainaut, Wanted Design, comments: “Circus Family elevated the NYCxDESIGN opening night to a real celebration, with more than 3500 guests from the NY creative scene. The previous year the party was a first for the design world in New York City, and was the evening that everyone talked about. It was so successful that we wanted to invite them again for this year.”

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