Currys experts avoid football to help customers choose the best TV to enjoy the summer of sports

Ahead of the much-anticipated sports season, new campaign by AMV BBDO and Spark Foundry features hilarious ways Currys colleagues are keeping distractions away

With the summer tournaments season looming, the UK’s largest tech retailer, Currys unveils a new campaign ensuring customers they will get the best tech advice amidst the football frenzy. Teaming up with AMV BBDO and Spark Foundry, Currys showcases the lengths its expert colleagues go to avoid football distractions, whilst assisting customers in choosing the perfect TV for what is set to be a nail-biting summer of sport.

Under the “Beyond Techspectations” platform, the “No Distractions” campaign spotlights Currys colleagues’ ingenious methods of sidestepping football fever to offer unparalleled guidance to shoppers seeking top-of-the-line Samsung, LG, or Hisense models.

Martin Burke, Senior Advertising Manager at Currys commented, “In the latest instalment of our already hugely popular ‘Beyond Techspectations’ series, we continue to push absurdly humorous boundaries, whilst reaffirming Currys as the go to tech experts for all its customer’s needs. ‘No Distractions’ breaks the traditional football advertising mould, driving brand consideration ahead of what is set to be an extravaganza of sport this summer.”

The campaign includes three ads of 30 and 20 seconds, each illustrating a Currys colleague’s comical endeavours to stay football-free. From sporting giant cartoon eye mask, to donning human-sized dog cones, to turning a head 180 degrees like an owl when a customer changes the channel to the football, the antics are as hilarious as they are effective in showcasing Currys’ commitment to customer service.

AMV BBDO creative directors Jeremy Tribe and Dave Westland say, “When the nation is gripped by football fever, a store full of TVs is the hardest place to focus on work. So, we’re showing the absurd dedication of Currys colleagues to stick to their task – delivering tech expertise. It’s a distinctive and memorable addition to the Beyond Techspectations platform. Hopefully football’s coming home, as well as a truckload of tellys.”

Oli Moore, Account Director Spark Foundry UK adds, “This Summer, our goal is to land Currys in the heart of the nation’s conversations around the Euros. Tapping into the excitement and emotion that football brings, the tongue-in-cheek executions will be seen across the country. By blending marquee TV programming and contextual digital video, Currys will join the conversation in homes, pubs and on the go, giving everyone the chance to find their perfect home viewing setup.”

The campaign is set to roll out across TV and online video platforms emphasising Currys’ unbeatable offer: a chance to win a guaranteed cash reward ranging from £25 to £100k with the purchase of any TV over £499. For more information, visit

Source: AMV BBDO

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