DiMassimo Goldstein Hires Ryan Moglia as Head of Data Insights & Activation

DiMassimo Goldstein has hired Ryan Moglia to the new position of Head of Data Insights & Activation. The agency, which bills itself as a different kind of lead brand agency focused on behaviour change, has been making headlines lately with news of new clients and significant hires. This hire continues this momentum.

“Ryan and his team are the strategic integration point for our brand and strategic planning, media planning and optimisation, social and analysts teams,” said Mark DiMassimo, agency founder and chief. “The job is bringing all of this together with communications planning that build brands and changes behaviour.”

His primary goal will be to influence engagement and behaviour by demonstrating value in a manner that makes the most sense for the brand and the consumer – something he feels most other agencies are missing the mark on.

Moglia adds, “When we do our job well, we’re influencing behaviour and demonstrating value in a manner that makes the most sense for the brand and the consumer. This may seem like a small thing, but most agencies and marketers are still missing the mark.”

Ryan joins the DiMassimo Goldstein team from SapientRazorfish, where he served as their VP of Digital/CRM/Content Strategy, following his role as VP and Strategic Director at Wunderman NY. He’s worked on notable brands like Pernod Ricard USA, Gerber, BMW, Land Rover, USTA and Samsung.

When asked why he is so passionate about joining the DiMassimo Goldstein team, Ryan replied: “At its core, DiMassimo Goldstein is an agency with the ability to connect brand with not only data insights and activation but integrated world-class creative and media buying as well. For me that is an unbeatable trifecta where the brand strategy resonates at the forefront of innovation and relevancy across any platform.”

Source: DiMassimo Goldstein

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