DITA Commission Emmanuel Adjei and Sevdaliza to Produce Short Film DUALITY

Luxury designer eyewear brand DITA, release the next in their series of content films for their platform DITAWorld with ‘DUALITY’. Directed by Emmanuel Adjei and starring Iranian-Dutch singer, songwriter and producer, Sevdaliza the two-minute online film pushes the boundaries of art and commercial for the brand.

The DITAworld platform brings the inspirations and aspirations of the eyewear brand’s design team to life with stories of shared perspectives and passions from across the globe. The agency, The Smalls, presented Emmanuel with a one-word brief, ‘Duality’.

Adjei took up the mantle, bringing on board long term collaborator and experimental pop polymath Sevdaliza, for whom he often acts as creative director. The pair wrote the music and crafted the entire narrative for the film working with co-producer, Mucky.

Drawing on Adjei’s fine art background, the piece is a conceptual portrait of Sevdaliza’s rich persona and her unique creative process, pushing the boundaries of genre and expectation. The dual nature of light and form are presented in an alchemical context that explores what perfected craftsmanship and a rich imagination can manifest.

Director Emmanuel Adjei comments: “Sevdaliza and I have worked together for many years. We have always been a huge influence on each other’s ideas and here the one-word brief allowed us to present that dichotomy of inspiration. We wanted the piece to be an immersive portrait. We had always described Sevdaliza’s work as being crafted, so the idea to bring her out of the furnace was a way to visualise this. The concept of ‘duality’ is explored through light and form, audio and visual.”

Source: The Smalls

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