Elden Fake News

Budapest Business Journal (BBJ) has launched a new campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of fake news, and to emphasize the importance of fact-checking when it comes to media consumption.

BBJ – being one of the most trusted and informed business magazines in Eastern Europe – wanted to educate the next-generation of decision-makers and businessmen on a platform they are most familiar with: the epic world of Elden Ring Game.

Elden Ring is a well-known game with millions of users. So we invited popular gamers and streamers to fact-check information within the game, so they can alert other players to avoid the most popular fake messages left behind.

The campaign was a huge success in the gaming community; due to the influencers who contributed to testing the game, millions have been reached and played with the game, and experienced the negative effects of fake news.

The Elden Fake News campaign has been created and developed by White Rabbit, an independent Hungarian creative shop based in Budapest. White Rabbit is part of the global network, called ’by The Network’.

Source: White Rabbit Budapest

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