Five by Five creates new campaign for Regina Blitz to celebrate life’s messy moments

Regina Blitz, the multipurpose household towel brand, has launched its ‘Happimess’ campaign created by global independent creative agency, Five by Five. The new campaign will highlight how messy moments make the best memories and will predominantly run across digital and social channels as well as using PR and influencers.

The focus on happiness and the small moments of messy joy that are part of everyday family life marks a new strategic direction for the brand. It will be supported by an increase in marketing spend with the aim of getting Regina Blitz back in the minds of lapsed customers.

Owned by parent company, Sofidel, the multifunctional towel is well-known for its larger-sized sheets compared to standard kitchen rolls, making it perfect for even the toughest household tasks. 

Happimess is built around the human truth that having family around you brings happiness in daily life and will be launched using hero content showcasing everyday family moments. The campaign aims to increase brand awareness and encourage lapsed users back into the category by positioning Regina as part of family moments, alleviating the stress of cleaning up household messes. 

Alongside the new campaign, Regina Blitz recently stepped up its sustainability credentials with the introduction of paper-only packaging, whilst many of its competitors continue to use plastic, reinforcing Regina’s consideration of its environmental impact on future generations. 

Rosa Carpanini, Product Manager at Sofidel, said: “Five by Five’s work on the Happimess campaign is really impressive as it brings to life what Regina Blitz is all about – making cleaning up quick and easy so people can focus on the things that matter. The creative execution is positive, playful and energetic and we’re excited to encourage everyone to embrace the mess.”

Tom Chapman, Client Director at Five by Five, added: “We’ve worked closely with Sofidel for many years, so we were delighted to take on the challenge of devising a new creative campaign for Regina Blitz. We hope we have created a message that really resonates with parents, that mess can be a good thing!”

Source:  Five by Five.

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