Hitachi Wave Goodbye to Passports in Mamapöol’s New Campaign for Finger VeinID Tech

Independent creative agency Mamapöol today launch ‘Wave’ along with global brand Hitachi for their next-generation Finger VeinID in Europe. 

The campaign is currently running across Europe on digital and social media channels.

The film uses the simple, friendly gesture of a wave to show how people can glide through a border control checkpoint, revolutionising the way the world could travel in the future. Hitachi pioneered the technology a couple of years ago and is currently being used in some banks and businesses across Europe, but it’s now been developed further to work with any camera built into an iOS device, with Android available in the near future.

Hitachi Finger VeinID securely recognises you from the unique vein patterns in your fingers. One quick scan from a camera, laptop or mobile device is all it takes to securely recognise anyone. Also, your face, fingerprints or biometric details aren’t actually stored so biometric copying or identity theft are impossible, as is racial profiling. 

Tom Pinsent, Chief Strategic Officer & Founding Partner, Mamapöol said: “Identifying ourselves safely and securely has never been so hard and frustrating… having to remember multiple passwords, cleaning/drying our hands before using touchpads or fingerprint ID, removing glasses and medical masks before unlocking facial ID. Luckily Hitachi has found a better, simpler way:  just wave!”

Jason Mendes, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner, Mamapöol added: “The fact that you don’t have to remove your mask was a great springboard for the creative idea – given we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Hitachi’s Finger Vein Solutions are currently being used in some banks and businesses across Europe but when we asked Hitachi’s engineers if it could actually replace passports and the answer was “yes” that gave us an ideal setting and location to dramatise the product benefit. There’s understandably a lot of gloom and frustration surrounding COVID-19 and so it was a conscious effort to deliver this film with an up-beat and light-hearted tone. After all, this technology is a refreshing and positive solution to so many areas of our daily life.” 

Hans Daems Head of Public Affairs, Hitachi Europe said: “Finger VeinID is just one of many technologies we engineer to make life safer, easier and more productive. That it’s now able to work with standard cameras in all devices is a game changer for us.  We can implement across many business sectors where security is paramount. Banking, online shopping, accessing work or personal files online… entry into residential, business or government buildings, and of course passport control, to name a few.  This is part of Hitachi’s Social Innovation is Powering Good campaign.” 

Simon Crouch, Assistant Brand Manager, Hitachi Europe: “We’ve made a lot of corporate films over the years but this is the first real commercial style film we’ve made and a much bigger production than we are used to. This is a new way to tell our story of how our technology is used to power good in society and improve people’s quality of life. This film will enable us to reach a wider spectrum of people – not just the business leaders we usually talk to.

Mamapöol is a new brand-building creative studio leveraging a diverse pool of talent from around the world.

Source: Mamapöol

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