Hyper Island introduces The Create for Change Conference

Hyper Island has announced that they will head up a new kind of conference, The Create for Change Conference (CCC), taking place in October this year.

The Create for Change Conference will bring future-oriented individuals and companies and thought leaders together for two days, where they will take part in workshops, open-format and speaker sessions to explore the future of businesses and talent.

After the course of the two days, the “Future Thriving Businesses – A Create for Change Report” will be released, created by the participants at the conference and facilitated by the Hyper Island methodology.

The Create for Change Conference, part of the Hyper Island Create for Change initiative, revolves around future thriving businesses; how to create businesses that are profitable in a sustainable way, organisations, that offer attractive workplaces, deliver quality and create real value for their customers and clients.

The CCC targets engaged, curious and forward-thinking individuals from the industry, the start up community and the non-profit sector.

“How to future-proof the business, making it able to keep up with the ever-changing global world, is a do-or-die for companies and professionals today. That you’re here one day is no guarantee you will be here the next,” says Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island.

“During the conference we’ll look at current and future marketing and tech trends, and discuss areas like future competence needs, business development and organisation. We aim to mix our more senior participants with our students, which is the talent of tomorrow, to create a unique blueprint for the future.”

Prior to the two day conference, Hyper Island will arrange an open creative hack where participants will develop and prototype new business ideas and ultimately pitch them before an audience during the conference.

The actual conference will be a mix of speaker sessions, workshops and open-format explorations where participants and Hyper Island students will join to work on future challenges together.

Parts of the conference will also be open for participants to design, ensuring that the most relevant and up-to-date business challenges will be discussed and explored.

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