illycaffè Celebrates International Coffee Day with #Thanks4TheCoffee Initiative

illycaffè, a global leader in the high quality coffee segment, brings its #Thanks4TheCoffee initiative to life to recognise International Coffee Day, as designated by the ICO (International Coffee Organisation) to celebrate coffee throughout the world.

Since 2016, illycaffè has marked the day with an initiative called #Thanks4TheCoffee, which strives to forge deeper connections among consumers and those working in the first, and most critical, link in the production chain: the world’s coffee farmers.

In keeping with the focus designated by the ICO for 2018’s occasion, Women in Coffee, illycaffè has created a special cup that serves as both a social experiment and striking statement about women’s vital role in coffee growing. The porcelain cup looks like a typical cup until rotated to reveal that it is actually a cup that has been cut in half.

According to the ICO, nearly half of the people working in the coffee production chain are women, 25 percent of whom manage a fazenda (coffee plantation), further underscoring the active and vital role that women have in the coffee industry. The halved illy cup invites reflection of what would happen – what would be lost – without women’s contributions to coffee growing.

“What would the world of coffee look like without women in coffee?”  Today, illy flagship stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Trieste, Tokyo and Vienna will serve espresso in the specially-designed halved cups.

Guests at the cafés will learn about the cup’s symbolism and women’s role in coffee growing through on-site communications. illycaffè also released a video featuring the symbolic cup that indelibly conveys that without women, the world  would have but half the coffee that it enjoys every day.

Coffee lovers will also have the chance to join in the effort in thanking women in coffee, by leaving messages of gratitude with a card that will be available in participating illy Caffè shops and coffee bars. They can also share their thank you messages on social media using the hashtag #Thanks4TheCoffee.

illycaffè support for women who work in coffee did not begin on October 1st nor does it stop after this moment. The Company has engaged in efforts for many years as the role of women continues to be a critical part of the coffee industry. The initiative is about awareness, recognition and to inspire others to sustain women’s role in coffee in a positive way.

Source: illycaffè

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