JetBlue takes a stand against air travel mediocrity with ‘Alright Brothers’ parody

JetBlue, the airline with a mission to inspire humanity, has a message for travelers everywhere: You deserve better. Launching August 16, its latest campaign, ‘Just Alright Doesn’t Fly Here,’ takes a stand against mediocrity in air travel and reminds travelers they don’t have to accept the bare minimum that has become standard across the industry. 

“JetBlue has always believed that travelers deserve better, and going above and beyond for our customers has been an integral piece of JetBlue’s DNA since day one,” said Elizabeth Windram, vice president of marketing, JetBlue. “This campaign is designed to shine a much-needed spotlight on the complacency that’s become an all too common part of the airline experience and show those who haven’t traveled with us before that there’s a better way to fly.” 

The multifaceted ‘Just Alright Doesn’t Fly Here’ campaign, created in partnership with MullenLowe, will come to life in videos and ads that feature different aspects of JetBlue’s award-winning customer service.

JetBlue is carefully positioning the message on TV, social media, radio on music streaming services, digital and billboards positioned to counteract everyday mediocre moments — both offline and online — to deliver the message while travelers are in the “just alright” mindset, such as sitting in traffic, waiting for the train, or simply browsing the web.

Playing on an inventive nod to the Wright Brothers who took flying to new heights, JetBlue created the fictional characters “The Alright Brothers,” crediting them for taking airline customer service to new lows. While the tale is fictional, the video endings bring a dose of reality, with real JetBlue crew-members delivering the message that while bare-minimum experiences may have become the industry norm, those low standards would never “fly” on JetBlue.

‘Just Alright Doesn’t Fly Here’ will target New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale and run through mid-December. It is the airline’s first marketing campaign since ‘Air on the Side of Humanity,’ which launched in 2013, and gave a voice to the most overlooked, unappreciated frequent fliers of all — pigeons — to showcase the struggles of air travelers.

Source: Little Black Book

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