Leading digital agency Kinecto linked by Isobar becomes Isobar Romania

Kinecto has announced that it will complete its integration into Isobar and will rebrand to become Isobar Romania. The team will further power Isobar’s creative and digital capabilities in the market, delivering experience-led transformation powered by creativity for clients. The Kinecto team will be reinforced by Isobar’s strategic, consulting, and technological capabilities around the world.

The agency joined Dentsu Aegis Network in 2013, as a full service digital creative agency. Since then, Kinecto linked by Isobar has refined and extended its strategic, consulting, and creative capabilities by leveraging the support of the network. Thanks to its integrated offering, Kinecto has enhanced its client portfolio to become a strategic partner for clients transitioning to the digital economy.

Launched in 2003, Kinecto was one of the first digital pioneering agencies, driving digital products and services for brands and businesses in the market. The team has been popular within the industry too, with many digital marketers in Romania working with the agency or as agency employees.

Its projects include eCommerce platforms, mobile CRM application, loyalty programs, brand campaigns, all types of promotion campaigns, UX / UI projects, social media, content creation for powerful international clients like IKEA, Vodafone, Telekom, METRO, ING Bank, Bitdefender, Bonduelle and Mondelez.

Kinecto has always been named a “the place to work” because of its vibrant culture, openness, and daring approach to visionary projects. Generations of digital marketeers have learned and have left marked within the Kinecto spirit.

Radu Ionescu, COO Dentsu Aegis Network and founder of Kinecto said, “Almost 17 years ago I started Kinecto with a dream to change the way consumers interact with brands. We’ve been doing this as part of a global Isobar for the past 6 years – and it’s the perfect timing to acknowledge we are one global team, as digital transformation is changing radically the way consumers interact with brands.”

Jean Lin, Isobar Global CEO said, “The team’s creative approach it critical to delivering experience-led transformation. Without creativity, digital agencies cannot deliver experiences that can differentiate brands and deliver consumer value. It has been a long time coming and we are proud to officially call Kinecto, Isobar Romania and welcome the whole team to the family.”

Source: Isobar

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