Live fast, sleep slow: Without collaborates with Savoir on new campaign for the luxury bedmaker

What’s a bed for? For playing, for dreaming, for living. For the launch of Savoir’s new bed, brand design studio Without created a campaign with the luxury bedmaker that puts life – not just sleep – at its centre, as the brand looks to attract the next generation of Savoir customers.

Staying true to its values of handcraft, time-honoured techniques and natural materials, Savoir’s new No.5 is a streamlined design for customers looking to make their first luxury bed investment. Working closely with the Savoir team, Without’s creative solution included naming – The Savvy – and a concept centred around Live fast, Sleep slow, which inspired art direction, photography and tone of voice.

“We set out to redefine what it means to have a bed for life,” said Jonathan Jarvis, Design Director at Without, “which meant striking a balance between the brand’s luxury world and a new sense of fun. The result still heroes the bed as a centrepiece, but you get a glimpse into life around it; it’s both aspirational and human, a bit like Architectural Digest tours.”

Despite a lower price point, The Savvy is still made-to-order, to the owner’s individual taste and lifestyle. In one shot, the campaign shows two friends laughing over popcorn and cake after a night out. In another, there’s an owner gaming with his dalmatian. In introducing these elements into the brand’s luxury world, the work elevates the everyday and shows how The Savvy makes “the ordinary, extraordinary”. Sleep well, live life.

The photography, by Bella Howard, uses a flash-forward style to create motion and life; it is fresh, fashion-led and appeals to a new audience: made bespoke, for the everyday.

Sarah Frederickson, Marketing Director at Savoir, said: “This work introduces us to a new audience. It remains resolutely Savoir, while still pushing at the boundaries to be exciting, joyful and fresh.”

Jonathan Jarvis, Design Director at Without, added: “Working with pioneers like Savoir to create a bed campaign that’s all about being awake, is exactly why I love this job. The whole team embraced the concept and put everything into making it come to life.”

The campaign is running across print, OOH, online, social and digital.

Source: Without

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