Minivegas creates interactive 3D installation for Sonos

Amsterdam-based creative production company Minivegas has created an interactive 3D installation for Sonos, inspired by the wireless audio specialist’s HiFis and featuring a hi-tech forest populated with fantastic plant characters animated through real-time motion capture so that they ‘dance’ with their real-life partners.

The larger-than-life 3D landscape of an audio responsive forest, responding in time with the music played around it, was launched at this year’s Øya rock festival in Oslo, with festival goers invited to take part in the unique experience.

The challenge for the team at Minivegas was to develop an installation that would work whatever type of music the festival-goers chose, and with Blur, Wu-Tang Clan and Kraftwerk headlining the festival this had to be pretty versatile.

Over 2,000 people took to the floor with plant dance partners, with the 3D installation now being considered for inclusion at events throughout 2014.

Maarten Boon, creative director and partner at Minivegas, explained: “This was our most ambitious audio-responsive installation ever and required our 3D artists and content developers to work closely together and really challenge what was possible with user interaction.

“In spite of the technical challenges along the way, the result is not only a magical experience for Øya festival goers, but a strong example of the potential of 3D content and interactivity. It is interesting to see how immersive digital environments that can respond in real time reduce the inhibitions of the user and encourage them to engage with the experience in emotional ways.”

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