New Ad from McDonald’s Aims to Dispel Another Myth About its Food

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The latest trust driving communications from McDonald’s UK launches January 15 and continues the myth busting campaign that launched last year. It sees the brand acknowledge some of the common misconceptions customers hold around their core products, before communicating the truth around the quality of the ingredients that they use. Last year the campaign focused on the quality and provenance of its beef (in ‘The Cow’), and was followed by TVCs for ‘Chicken’ and ‘Fries’.

This new execution, created by Leo Burnett London, focuses on another core product for the restaurant chain – the eggs in their breakfast McMuffins. The 40 second ad, ‘Eggs’, addresses head-on the myth that the eggs in McMuffins aren’t real. To bring this to life, we follow Jen, a McDonald’s customer who questions this. Characters who are involved on the journey, from free-range egg farm, to the final egg in the McMuffins, explain the truth about how they are made, concluding that there is a freshly cracked, free-range egg in every McMuffin.

McDonalds_Good-to-Know_Eggs02The campaign fits within the brand’s customer proposition, ‘Good to Know’, directing people to the ‘Good To Know’ website, a platform which provides customers with further, interesting content that covers a breadth of McDonald’s food stories.

‘Eggs’ will launch on the 15th January, in rotation with ‘Fries’ and ‘The Cow’ that launched last year. It will be supported by online content that will run on YouTube and Facebook. Complimentary National press ads will also run alongside the TVs, further bringing to life the journey from ingredients to final product in restaurant.

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