New Beautyrest campaign by Anomaly urges people to ‘Be More Awake’

Mattress company Beautyrest, is set to launch its new ‘Be More Awake’ campaign on May 14, which highlights the impact sleep has on our waking success.

The campaign by Anomaly challenges consumers to rethink the role their mattress plays in their everyday lives. Each element in the campaign emphasizes the direct connection between the power of sleep and everyone’s ability to reach their full potential.

The new multi-media campaign, which includes national TV spots, social and digital content, showcases how people have become accustomed to accepting a lack of sleep. Through bold imagery, the ‘Be More Awake’ campaign underscores the value of a premium mattress in making people more present, focused and energized the next day.

Beautyrest has been making mattresses for close to 150 years and believes it has perfected the process through its research, innovation and development.

“The Be More Awake campaign reminds consumers that in order to reach their full personal potential, they need a mattress with advanced technology, and one that fits their individual needs,” said Warren Kornblum, interim chief marketing officer at Serta Simmons Bedding. “The Beautyrest brand, along with our retail partners, is uniquely positioned to guide consumers through the purchase journey to find their own best mattress. We don’t believe that one mattress design fits all people. Ultimate restorative sleep can only be achieved by sleeping on the perfect mattress for you and that is likely not the same one that’s perfect for me. It’s time to talk about the elements that make up an exceptional sleep experience rather than one-size-fits-all.”

To further emphasize the impact an optimal sleep experience can have on a person’s waking success, the brand has engaged in a partnership with composer Max Richter on ‘Sleep,’ an eight-hour lullaby that explores the restorative journey bodies experience at night. The immersive, overnight concert experience, developed in tandem with a neuroscientist, premiered in the US in Austin in March, and now makes its way to New York City through May 4-5. Attendees will experience the concert on Beautyrest mattresses rather than concert seats.

“The opportunity to partner with Max Richter is a perfect fit for the Beautyrest brand,” said Kornblum. “We both recognize that sleep is an active state where restorative forces are at work overnight preparing us to be our best selves the next day, and what better way to communicate our unrivaled mattress technology than by allowing people to experience it first-hand…for eight hours.”

Source: The Drum

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