Opera and ABIO to give interactive notebooks to hospitalised children in new ‘Libro Abio’ campaign

For some children, going into hospital is like going to another planet, they face a lot of new situations, and spend a lot of time alone.

So Serviceplan Italy came up with ‘Libro Abio’, a book given to children when they go into hospital to accompany them during their time there, and open their imaginations. The book was distributed to 5,000 children in 200 hospitals.

The ABIO Onlus has been assisting children in hospital since 1978, thanks to volunteers who help them every day to overcome the impact of an unknown and hostile environment.

Serviceplan Italia created the ABIO book, a “spatial” and interactive notebook, donated to children in hospital: a parallel universe where children, just like astronauts, need to have so much courage to overcome many challenges, take various medical tests, and eat strange food.

The book, offered by Opera and ABIO, is donated to hospitalised children with the intention of cheering them up.

It takes them on a “course for astronauts”, and a journey of discovery of new worlds, with pear-shaped protagonists with evocative names such as Cacio and Piera, Perfettina, Giampiero and Perdinanda.

Libro ABIO enables the children to create a diary that stimulates children’s’ creativity, and helps them to navigate the hospital’s environment in the most peaceful way possible day by day.

Since 2005, the National Day organised by ABIO makes known the activities of the association by distributing baskets of pears in all Italian squares, in order to raise funds.

In 2018, Opera – a consortium of more than 1,000 fruit growers who cultivate with passion pears – supported ABIO on the National ABIO Day, offering pears to be distributed in return of an offer that will be donated to the Onlus. In addition to this, Opera, until April 2018, supports Abio by devolving part of the earnings derived from sales of pears in Italian supermarkets.

Serviceplan Italia were responsible for the campaign and creative idea, which interprets the sensitivity and mission of Opera and ABIO: the operation is proposed through; posters, leaflets, a national in-store and radio campaign, activities on Facebook, Instagram and Opera’s website, as well as packaging with a customised label.

Source: Serviceplan Group

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