Path Helps Dualit Find a Sense of Place with New Design

British manufacturer Dualit recently developed a range of Compostable Coffee Bags, a quick, mess-free way to make delicious tasting coffee. To bring this innovative solution to market, they turned to their creative partners at Path to design packaging for this new range as well as Dualit’s new One Cup Filter Coffee range.

The challenge was two-fold: to translate Dualit’s strong reputation for classic style and high-quality British production in consumer durables into a credible consumer offering with the emphasis on quality, provenance, flavour and drinking experience. Secondly, to follow the category shift away from single-use plastic and towards minimizing and removing plastics altogether.

Path’s design solution establishes a visually strong, emotive connection to the flavour and the coffee moment, but with an execution that still hints to the technical craft and innovative engineering behind Dualit’s renowned, high-quality products.

The final design concept was led by the creative idea of “A Sense of Place” with each pack featuring a graphical narrative to capture the feeling of how the blend makes the coffee drinker feel and, in the case of single-origin, where it is from. Though each variant has a different scene, the illustrations sit on the same horizon line to visually unite the range.

“In contrast to category conventions of coffee cups and dark colours, we used vibrant yet tranquil colours,” comments Rohon Bhuyan, Design Director at Path. “This disruptive palette helps the brand to be distinctive from the competition, whilst also conveying the best time of day to enjoy each blend. The more intense mid-day colours for the stronger flavours verse more chilled, evening vibes for decaf.”

“For over 70 years, Dualit has been a leader of invention developing classic products that are the epitome of British design. And for the past 20 years, coffee has been at the forefront of our product development,” comments Alex Gort-Barten, Director at Dualit. “Path’s design solution expresses the quality of our coffees, transporting the consumer to a truly authentic and enjoyable experience. We were so impressed by the creative that we are in the process of rolling it out across Dualit’s full range of coffee consumables.”

Source: Path

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