Pearlfisher redesigns Haller Farmers App: Helping Kenyan farmers release the riches of their land

A new Haller Farmers App for android phones, designed by Pearlfisher for the charity The Haller Foundation, builds on the success of the original app launched in 2014.

The refreshed design of the app reflects the charity’s mission to support and educate small scale farmers across East Africa, it’s aesthetic now appears more modern and minimalistic, making the interaction for farmers more intuitive with a seamless, visual and easier to navigate user experience – providing farmers with the techniques and practices needed to improve and utilise their land.

Explaining the design and its features in more detail, Pearlfisher Futures Analyst, Ophelia Ford- Welman said, “In order to successfully evolve our original design and ensure it is as user-friendly and comprehensive as possible, we spent time with Kenyan farmers to research and test what worked best for them.

Pages within the app display rich, earthy colours inspired by Kenyan landscapes while iconography, photography and an audio option allow ease and aid recognition. The home page underlines the mission and set up, and the Haller arrow identity acts as a house with the land symbolically rolling out from the heart of the icon as a fertile source of self-sustaining food and income.

Key to the whole app, the ‘My Plot’ section maps out the land with icons to show the best use of the land and how everything has a place. When clicked, the next step displays relevant information pages, again supported by imagery, to provide the whole picture in terms of what to plant, how to harvest and how to make an income – all in line with the changing seasons.”

Group Creative Director & Founding Partner, Jonathan Ford, added, “We’re proud to have been working with The Haller Foundation since its launch in 2004. The redesign of the Haller Farmers App has the power to help improve and advance the dialogue and connection between the farmers and their land. I hope to see more communities embrace the app and see how this simple, intuitive digital design will help to educate farmers get the best out of their land – building better lives for them for generations to come.”

Louise Piper, Haller Co-Founder & Trustee, commented, “The Haller Farmers App revolutionised so many lives and gave us the confidence to scale our reach to new audiences and territories by improving it and making the app available to wider audiences on the Google Play Store. The new app is bold, warm, emotive and directive and we look forward to getting it in the hands of those who need it most and seeing just how easily and readily it can transform their lives.”

The new app is available now on the Google Play Store.

Source: Pearlfisher

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