Rediffusion-Y&R creates communication for LIC’s Single Premium Plans

Having won the pitch, Rediffusion-Y&R has conceptualised LIC’s latest campaign film. The objective is based on two of LIC’s single premium plans namely, “Bima Bachat” and “Jeevan Shikhar”. This extends the brand proposition of ‘Be rest assured once and for all’. The communication is targeted to the modern upper middle class families.

LIC’s objective was to build their campaign communication in order to familiarise people with a single premium endowment plan and its benefits, thereby encouraging them to invest in the same.

The film shows a daughter reminding her father that she will be 18 years old in the coming week and he should refrain from getting her any teddy bear or robot toys, to which her father gifts her jewellery set. The daughter is delighted; however the mother has her concern on the expense, to which the father explains that “Our daughter is getting older, instead of various small investments we should now look at big investment. It gratifies our daughter and prepares us for future too.”

LIC_2In the comeback the daughter having received the jewellery, in all her innocence asks her father if the gift has to do something with her marriage, as she is too young; to which her parents laugh.

The campaign aims at making people realise the importance of saving early in life and investing in the future of their loved ones. And that’s what the product offering of LIC, exactly does.

Pranav Harihar Sharma, ECD – West & North, Rediffusion Y&R adds: “The film taps the mind space of a father, how he thinks long term and in the disguise of a birthday gift, how he starts planning for a bigger occasion in future. And this actually is a beautiful thing that only we Indians have. The habit of saving and planning for future is an in-bred thing in us and that’s made the core insight in the film. The story line was kept simple and slice of life and the effort was to connect the story seamlessly back to the product offering from the brand. I think simplifying a product in an interesting way is the job of communication and that’s what we tried doing here.”

Dhunji S. Wadia, President Rediffusion Y&R said, “We were given a very detailed and specific brief. This helped the team in terms of addressing the issues and working on an interesting creative solution.”

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