Spotify Presents “The Playlist of the Decade”

On the heels of the release of Wrapped 2019, which celebrates Spotify listeners and creators around the world by allowing them to relive 2019 and the entire decade in music and podcasts, Spotify presents The Playlist of the Decade, a high-energy, cinematic short that tells the story of one young person’s journey to make the perfect 2010’s playlist. 

In the 90-second film, our protagonist travels across the city looking for the best songs for his playlist. However, everyone he encounters – his roommate, his neighbors, his classmates, strangers from all walks of life –  has their own opinion about which songs should be included. The momentum continues to build to an epic moment when it feels like the whole world is weighing in on this all-important playlist— Will our hero succumb to peer pressure or stay true to the soundtrack that embodies his life? 


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