The Womb and uplift the spirit of festivities through gifts, this Diwali, India’s gifting site through its partner The Womb has rolled out a new campaign to lift the mood of the nation this Diwali, despite the sombre economic environment.  

The country is rife with news about the slump in the Indian economy. From a vegetable vendor to a TV news channel, everyone has an opinion on the matter and this has only spewed negativity. In such a scenario, when Indian confidence in the overall economic situation is at an all-time low,’s film talks about spreading positivity by communicating that, no matter what the economic situation is, Gifts always bring a smile, spread cheer and lifts spirits. 

Commenting on the campaign, Tarun Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO,, said, “Gifting is an integral part of Indian culture and Diwali is the biggest occasion for gifting. While Rakhi is an occasion where gifts are exchanged between siblings, Diwali gives us an opportunity to send gifts to many. Right from our relatives to our neighbours, friends and corporate connections which makes them feel special and connected during the festive season. We have a collection of curated products and unique gifts for every occasion, with free shipping across India and over 100 countries around the world.”

Navin Talreja- Founding Partner, The Womb, said, “Gifts have always been a source of delight. With the economy being what it is we felt that Gifts could play a significant role in uplifting the mood of both the receiver and the giver. And what better brand to do so than India’s only specialized gifting site. The campaign urges every individual to be the person who spreads cheer and joy and uplifts the spirit through gifts.” 

Suyash Khabya- Creative Partner, The Womb, added, “A gift is inherently supposed to make you smile, and when things are down, it’s even more important that you gift. And Diwali is incomplete without gifting. It’s an emotional moment which we captured in our ad through the relationship between the bubbly daughter and her grumpy father. Bob (the director of Good Morning films) has beautifully crafted this through the setup, the casting, the music etc…so that everything uplifts your mood. Aakhir Diwali hai, roshini honi chahiye!” 

Source: The Womb

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