We Are Social brings the world’s first TV orchestra to life using Sky Glass

We Are Social, the socially-led creative agency, has worked with Sky to unveil the world’s first TV orchestra featuring Sky Glass; the new streaming TV from Sky, with six powerful speakers and 360° Dolby Atmos® sound built-in.

Filmed at the English National Ballet and produced by We Are Social Studios, the campaign highlights the high quality visual and sound offering of Sky Glass. The socially-led campaign sees an audience being surprised with a performance from the English National Opera Orchestra, with each musician being represented by a Sky Glass TV to create a symphony conducted by the ENO’s Carolyn Kuan.

The film launches across Sky’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels. By combining the worlds of music with tech, the campaign demonstrates the technical excellence of Sky Glass, placing emphasis on the experiential nature of the product.

Sunny Bhurji, Marketing Director at Sky commented: “It’s not everyday you get to witness a TV orchestra. It’s also not everyday that you get a TV with as many sound credentials built-in as Sky Glass, so we wanted to create something truly extraordinary that would ultimately put that to the test. We Are Social have successfully demonstrated that experiential thrill you get from hearing the spine-tingling sound of Sky Glass, producing a film that is bound to get people to stop and listen.”

Kelly Cross, Business Director at We Are Social said: “Merging the worlds of sound and vision to showcase Sky’s latest offering has been a really exciting creative challenge for us. We wanted to place emphasis on the sensory thrill that Sky Glass offers, inviting a viewer into the experience alongside those on screen to create a jaw-dropping moment that leaves you engrossed.”

Source: We Are Social

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