Actors Don Scary Masks For A Halloween-Inspired Anti-Smoking Campaign

NHS1As the British National Health Service’s anti-smoking month, “Stoptober”, coincided with Halloween, HealthExpress decided to get spooky with its anti-smoking campaign.

To reach out to the 10 million smokers in the UK, actors donned terrifying masks that show the detrimental effects of smoking and the physical damage smokers do to themselves if they continued to puff away.

Before these grotesque masks were produced, a team of prosthetic experts consulted a group of medical professionals to get an idea of what they would be sculpting.

NHS2Over a period of two months, these experts recreated the symptoms of smoking-related diseases—for example, they placed an array of damaged tissues in the mask’s neck area, which is a symptom for throat, neck or head cancer.

Another mask, depicting a female smoker’s face, features wrinkles, skin damage around her lips, and stained teeth.

Although these masks are rather unappealing in nature, they effectively convey the health hazards of smoking in the long run.

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